Disposing of Househould Hazardous Materials

protect the environment

Household hazardous waste is a menace for the environment if not disposed of properly.

Piled up hazardous waste on landfills and water not only pollute the soil and water but also harms the lives living and working in and around such a dangerous area. Thus you have to be extremely careful about appropriately disposing of household hazardous materials. The post below offers the tips to be followed for the right and safe disposal of these products.

Know the related rules

The US counties in the state of New York have laid down certain protocols regarding the proper disposal of hazardous waste. Check out the specifications cited by your particular county. Otherwise just check out the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regarding the steps of disposing harmful household materials.

Identify the household hazardous materials.

The EPA has categorized dangerous or hazardous waste in 4 categories:
• something inflammable
• Something which decomposes or rusts over time
• something poisonous or toxic
• something explosive

Some of the most common household hazardous materials are – household cleaners, batteries, automotive products, consumer electronics, fluorescent bulbs, garden chemicals, paint products, chemicals used in pools and so on.

Look for a pick-up service

A lot of communities have come up with a hazardous material home pick-up system. You will just need to inform the pick-up service about collecting the hazardous materials from your home and wait for them to come to your place. However before you call up a hazardous material pickup service, make sure your address is covered by the pick-up service.

These pick-up service companies generally use a tracker to track eligible locations to be covered. You can use such a tracker tool to find out whether your address falls on the covered zone. If so you should call up the service and inform them about the types of hazardous materials you have to dispose of.

It will help the waste management company to send the needed containers for hazardous waste pick-up from your home. For example, you will need highly durable bags to carry heavy waste while syringes or batteries need special medical containers.

Look for a drop-off service

If your address is not covered by a local hazardous material pick-up service, don’t worry.

You will always find hazardous material drop-off facilities to help you out. Check out your local government site to locate a drop-off facility closest to your area. When you find one, call up that facility and inform them about the type of waste you have to dispose off.

The company will suggest you the right containers for each kind of waste and notify you about a suitable day for drop-off.

Package & place them properly

There are some steps to be followed before you send the hazardous materials to a disposal depot or to a dangerous material pick-up service. These are:
• It will be better to keep the hazardous materials in their respective original containers.
• Label each of the container clearly. This will prevent unwanted mixup with other items in the house.
• All the containers should be capped tightly
• Try to gather and store all these containers together on one corner of your home. Put simple, these containers should be nowhere near to safe household products.

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