How You Can Reduce Your Waste

The zero-waste lifestyle is fast catching up and for all the great reasons. Our planet is in danger given the mammoth amount of waste piled up in landfills and water-bodies nowadays.

Irresponsible use of resources is a major factor here that leads up to the alarming amount of unmindful waste disposal. And landfills and water-bodies polluted by these non-degradable wastes pose serious threat to the lives in and around. It’s high time that we take serious efforts to reduce waste as otherwise doomsday is just ahead of us.

The post below offers some easy tips on how you can reduce waste.

Avoid plastic as much as possible

Plastic is one of the most menacing pollutants on the landfills and rivers today. Thus if we can cut down on plastic consumption, we will be able to reduce the amount of plastic waste by a great extent. While it won’t be possible to take to a complete zero-plastic lifestyle immediately, you can at least start the process. For example, don’t carry goods in new plastic bags every time you go to the supermarket.

Reuse old bags and containers

Instead of taking new plastic bags while shopping, it’s better to carry old usable bags for carrying stuff. For example, you can carry an old tote everytime you go for shopping in the mall or the supermarket. Motivate other members of your family as well as you friends and colleagues to do the same.

Buy only those that will be consumed

Don’t abet food waste by buying stuff that you won’t ever eat. Put simply, when you go for grocery or food shopping, make sure to buy only those that you will actually consume. Follow the same while buying any other stuff as well.

Repurpose old items

One of the best ways to reduce unnecessary waste is to repurpose old items. There are several items that can be repurposed for different interesting projects. For example, your old stock of CDs will very well serve as fun coasters. On the other hand, glass bottles can double up as beautiful flower vases. Then, if you are bored of your old t-shirt, cut in into a crop top. The good thing is there are various videos and articles online today that teach how to repurpose old items so that these can be reused later.

Repair torn or broken stuff

Are you planning to discard your old bag because of a torn handle? Please don’t do that especially if the other parts of the bag are intact. Try to repair the handle to use the bag again in all its glory.

The bottom-line is you should take serious steps to repair or fix any broken or torn stuff instead of discarding them for a miniscule flaw.

Go for composting

Do not throw away your food leftovers to the trash bin. Instead go for compositing and send the leftover food to your garden. Composting nourishes plants with solid dose of nutrients and also prevents unnecessary waste pile-up on landfills & water bodies.